Herbilogy Java Turmeric Extract Powder

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Temulawak or Java turmeric is an indigenous plant of Indonesia. It has been used for centuries by our ancestors as one of the main ingredients in traditional medicines due to its many great health benefits i.e. to boost immunity, relieve digestive discomfort (bloated, cramp, appetite loss), antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-inflammation, and to treat anemia. Currently it is exported to Japan, Korea, and European countries due to its popular demand!

  • Maintaining healthy liver function
  • Improve digestive function and increase appetite (especially for children and the elderly)
  • Relieves pain and arthritis
  • Reduce fats level in the blood
  • Inhibit blood clotting, treat symptoms of mild anemia
  • As antioxidants and help maintain health
  • Promote smooth menstruation and reduce the appearance of acne
  • Rejuvenate tired bodies (anti-hangover)
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Size 100 grams
Ingredients 100% Java Turmeric Super Premium-High Grade Extract Powder, without added sugar, dyes, flavorings, MSG, preservatives or chemicals.
Directions Mix 1 tsp of Herbilogy Java Turmeric into a cup of hot water. Add lemon juice and 1 tbs of honey or coconut sugar. It can be mixed with hot orange juice as well, ideal as a flu remedy and anti-hangover.
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