United Electric Breast Pump

Brands: Pigeon Pigeon
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The PIGEON United Breast Pump is perfect for mothers who want to accommodate their own pumping style, increasing their comfort. It comes with two flanges to choose from and a bottle stand for fuss-free pumping.

Infant Care , Feeding
  • Customizable pumping style with 7 adjustable levels of suction pressure with 4 adjustable suction speeds to choose from
  • Easy shift from stimulation to expression mode that assures ultimate comfort and gentle care for the breasts
  • The breast pump suction is very deep yet very gentle
  • It promotes longer breastfeeding period and increase in milk production
  • Silent, peaceful and stress-free milk expression
  • LED monitor for easy use and view
  • There are two available flanges, regular and large, that helps avoid milk spill. Large flanges are not only for moms with bigger breast size but also when mom is too full of milk.
  • Comes with a bottle stand, securing bottle to prevent spills
  • BPA Free
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